Our Introduction

All parents want to protect their children and keep them safe, and child tracking systems elp assist parents in securing life's most precious assets. GPS tracking and monitoring systems designed specifically for child tracking will provide parents the assurance that their child's location can be accessed at any time day or night.

  • Easily Find A Wandering Child
  • Always Know Where Your Child Is At
  • Validate Your Pre-Teen Is Where They Say They Are
  • Place The Tracking System Into A Baby Stroller And Watch Where The Nanny Is Taking The Baby

About SecureIN GPS

Never put yourself in a position where you have to sit at home in a panic wondering where your child is at when a GPS child tracking system could provide the verification that your child is safe. Engineered and designed to be compact and portable, GPS child tracking systems have clips for easy attachment so a child can either clip the GPS system unto their belt, or simply put the unit in their backpack, pants, or jacket pocket. The GPS child trackers make no noise, weigh less than a deck of cards, and are approximately the size of a cellular phone, making carrying the GPS systems convenient and easy.

Tracking system data is easily accessible for parents who only need to have a computer with Internet capabilities to view the live streaming data of everywhere their child has been and where their exact location is in real-time. Feel the security and peace-of-mind knowing you will always be able to monitor your child regardless if you are at home or work.



  • When the help button located on the SecureIN is pressed, it will send an instant notification to a list of emergency contacts and/or authorities.
  • Our tracing device includes two-way communication capability when the user presses the help button
  • The device is light weight, water proof and durable and can virtually trace anything.
  • No telephone line or base station is needed.
  • Low battery and power off alerts are sent via e-mail or text messages.
  • No external antenna or wires.